About the UN in Haiti

In Haiti, the United Nations, which includes the Stabilization Mission in Haiti and development and humanitarian agencies, have an integrated structure. The Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG) oversees the United Nations system in Haiti. He/she is supported by two deputies. One of the two deputies is the Resident Coordinator, the Humanitarian Coordinator and the Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Programme.

As Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General, he/she oversees the following MINUSTAH sections:

  • Civil affairs
  • Community violence reduction
  • Humanitarian and development coordination
  • Gender equality
  • Child protection

As Humanitarian Coordinator, he/she chairs the Humanitarian Country Team. This team is made up of the United Nations agencies with a humanitarian mandate and the main non-governmental humanitarian organizations working in Haiti. He/she is supported in this role by the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

As Resident Coordinator, he/she chairs the United Nations Country Team. This team gathers the United Nations entities and agencies with a long-term development mandate. There are currently 18 organizations with offices in Haiti (click here for more information). The Resident Coordinator also oversees the non-resident UN agencies when they organize technical support missions to Haiti.

Our Strategy

The UN Integrated Strategic Framework (ISF) for Haiti articulates the joint strategy of MINUSTAH and the UN Country Team in support of the Government’s stability and reconstruction efforts. Based on a shared vision of the UN’s role in Haiti and its comparative advantage, the ISF identifies the strategic objectives and the expected results that the UN will collectively achieve by December 2016  in full alignment with the Government’s Strategic Development Plan.

UN presence in Haiti

UN Haiti: UN Territorial Presence Oct2011mise a jour le 1605121 1024x724 UN in Haiti

View the the map of the UN presence in Haiti in pdf


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